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Are You Running Your Private Practice Naked?

Compliance for Outpatient Therapy Providers ... the requirement that private practitioners often put in the back of the closet.  When regulators come to your door, do you want to be naked...i.e., without a Compliance Program in place, or do you want to be ‘dressed to...

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Medicare Claims Filing with the 3% Reduction

We cannot be certain, nor have we been promised, that Medicare Administrative Contractors will have the COVID-19 Relief Package with the new Physician Fee Schedule changes for therapy providers (~9% reduced to 3.6%) loaded in their systems to properly adjudicate...

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A Reprieve from Damaging Medicare Cuts

The legislation prevents proposed steep cuts to Medicare in 2021 by providing a one-time exemption from budget neutrality rules. That's important, because CMS is citing those constraints as the reason it's planning on cutting payment for more than three dozen...

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Direct Access in Texas for Physical Therapy

The wait for Direct Access in Texas for physical therapy is nearly over (this means treatment with out referral)!  The Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners has approved a draft of the proposed Rules that will govern the new provisions for Direct Access in the...

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Physical Thearpy OSHA Compliance

Physical therapy OSHA Compliance is of utmost importance when running a sound private practice.  So many practice owners think it's 'overkill' or 'we aren't a hospital, so why do we have to do these things?'.  OSHA addresses and provides regulation to ensure the...

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