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The BCMSTM Experience

Business and Clinical Management Services (BCMSTM) is a national company dedicated to providing compliance consultation, solutions, practice audits and support services for outpatient therapy practices, agencies and other healthcare providers.  The BCMS team is comprised of seasoned professionals who are remarkably competent and personable.

We Deliver Exceptional Compliance Consultation:



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Accessible Staff and Consultants

Accessible Staff and Consultants

What’s the point of working with a consulting firm, if you cannot get in touch with an actual person? At BCMS, we strive to be reachable via phone, text, email as well as some reputable social media channels. We have a published calendar so that if you need to set up time to speak with someone, you can schedule a time that works for you.

Customer Oriented Team

BCMS continually updates its compliance programs and products, vetting its resources to ensure that you have sound guidance, in a timely manner, and fluid customization and implementation experiences. We understand that regulatory compliance can be overwhelming so let us take the helm to assure safe passage.

Customer Oriented Team