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We have been extremely pleased with our relationship with BCMS, at every turn. We have been using the extensive information on the website for onboarding, training, and ongoing compliance.

In addition, Mary has been tremendously gracious and helpful to us. She is the utmost professional!

Thanks again for everything you guy do!


Chris Alford
Twin Lakes Physical Therapy

I run an outpatient orthopaedic physical therapy clinic. We are a one location clinic with 6 physical therapists. This review for BCMS is long overdue! I’d like to start off first by acknowledging the tremendous help Mary and her team has provided during the COVID 19 pandemic. We are grateful for the guidance they provided. They boiled down the massive amounts of COVID 19 information and provided concise details that were applicable to an outpatient physical therapy clinic. Initially, this information was provided to us weekly and at times bi-weekly. The information gave us the confidence we were moving forward with the best available information for us to navigate the pandemic. There were times when we needed to contact the team at BCMS directly to review specific scenarios. I can not tell you how valuable that was to our organization! Secondly, we just completed our very first Medicare Audit. Having experienced this first hand, we could not have completed this process successfully without Mary and the BCMS team!. It started with the initial request from Medicare. Had I followed the outline Medicare provided, we would not have had a successful outcome. Mary knew exactly how to respond to the request and she provided an outline that was much more in detail. This allowed us to strengthen our response and ensured we proved every important detail. It is comforting to know BCMS has our back as we continue to move forward. Thank you!

George Edelman
Physical Therapist
Edelman Spine & Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

BCMS was a great choice for our practice, they have a user friendly, comprehensive compliance program that keeps us up to date with new and changing policies.  They were especially helpful navigating through the pandemic.  I truly think they have a great product and everyone that I have worked with has been fantastic!

Jodi D

This is wonderful help for us in a private practice. You do a great service all the time but especially now!

Cindy C.

I am amazed how fast my questions are answered. I truly am thankful for their guidance.

Janet K.

Excellent help from Ms. Leah Gardner… our company is so happy to have found you . You are amazing


I own a billing company and Mary, Alicia and their team are our go to for everything billing and compliance related! Truly do not know what we would do without them. They are a valuable source and a wealth of information. Highly recommend without hesitation!

Bryanne J.

These guys have been the best to work with. They have helped me with compliancy, organization, policy and procedures and have put my practice in a fantastic position. We strive for excellence and best practices and by far I could not have done it without this group. I am grateful to be working with such an awesome team! they’re always available to me and caring and I just enjoy working with them so much. Thanks Mary and Alicia and your team for all you do!!

Daniel Sage

BCMS was recommended to me and I have not regretted my decision to use them. Their expertise is valuable to my small private practice

Debra H.

BCMS is the best kept secret for any PT business owner wanting peace of mind, organization, and simplicity for all things compliance. They’ve created the perfect turn key system that makes the process easy to train and onboard any staff. Wished I knew of them long ago. Now I do, and so happy. The folks at BCMS are super great to work with every step of the way


BCMS has been amazing in the help they have given me and our company with building our compliance program. They are extremely knowledgeable in compliance in every area. If one person is not familiar with a specific area of compliance, there is someone else they will bring into the conversation. It has been a pleasure working with BCMS and they have given us a level of comfort with our compliance since we began working with them. Thank you to Alicia, Mary, Teresa, and Cile for all of your help!

Giovanni L.

We listened to Mary Daulong speak at the 2017 Annual PPS Conference. As we have grown, we have felt the need to become more formal in our policies and procedures. Our main goal initially was – don’t go out of business and WOW our patients with the best quality of care possible. We are in our 10th year now. We really wanted to key in on having the highest integrity in compliance coupled with care as we’ve seen more and more examples of practices failing with weak policies and procedures. After we returned home, my partner and I reached out to Mary and Alicia at BCMS on a number of compliance questions in a consulting relationship. BCMS quickly established themselves as a great authority on HIPAA, documentation best practices, insurance audits, compliance webinars, etc. This August, we had Mary visit our practice and perform an on-site audit. Her knowledge was humbling and her experiences and examples in compliance were incredibly helpful for our whole team. We are a very ethical group, but the insights into best practice and implementation of a more formal policies and procedures was great! It will set a great foundation as we continue to grow. We will likely have Mary out for another self audit to continue these improvements, and the whole team loved Mary. Thanks BCMS!


Before finding BCMS I was blissfully unaware regarding compliance. I told myself if I don’t know about it and just do the right thing I should be ok right? Wrong. Not knowing the laws and requirements is a big problem and as a small practice owner it is next to impossible to be keyed in on everything. BCMS makes this process about as turn key of a compliance program as possible. Not to mention the support that comes along with it all. From billing, to Medicare, to commercial, technology, and HR. They have a pro in each department and if they don’t know they will find out quickly. Their continued support for existing customers raises the industry standard to the next level. If you have a single shred of doubt as to if what you are doing is compliant, you need the BCMS crew and their program yesterday.

T.J. Sanner
Chief Operating Officer
Atlas Physical Therapy, Maryland

BCMS is a practice owners secret weapon. There is no excuse to bury your head in the sand. They hold your hand, give you sound advice and show you what needs to be done and why. Corporations and hospitals may have compliance departments, but we have BCMS… We win!

Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz PT, DPT, MS, OCS
Professional Physical Therapy, Massachusetts

In a time when margins are shrinking and regulatory changes confuse even the policy-makers, it helps to get compliance answers from someone who knows Rehab from start to finish. BCMS considers all angles of the business when making compliance recommendations. They have saved me hundreds of hours of non-productive research. BCMS is one of the best investments we have made.

Keith Thompson, PT, CSCS
Advance Rehabilitation (GA)

Simply put, Mary has been AWESOME for our practice. Mary did all this without being judgmental or condescending. She walked us through the steps we needed to stay on top of things. I would HIGHLY recommend BCMS. I would go as far as to say our relationship with BCMS was THE most important decision I have made as a private practitioner.

Elite Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy (MO)

Mary not only knows the regulations but she has been personally involved at various legislative levels directly tied to many of our professional issues. You can ask Mary any question you might have pertaining to any of these issues and trust that the answer you receive is “evidence based” in the relevant standards and rules that apply – not just someone’s personal interpretation of a given topic. There truly is no other single source you can find which offers Mary’s depth of expertise and professionalism.

Tark Chester PT, ATC
Member / Co-Owner
Advantage Physical Therapy (OH)

Mary is a master at compliance. She instills a high level of integrity in health care professionals and facilities. What seemed like endless rolls of red tape tom me, she made into accessible and efficient systems. From working with Mary, I learned that “compliance” is very much about offering a facility and services that create an excellent and effective patient experience.

Anna Kotula, PT/DPT
Ojai Valley Physical Therapy (CA)

We passed two Medicare provider surveys with ease as a result of BCMS’s (Mary’s) consultation services. Of particular help were the policies and procedures dealing with environmental health and safety (bloodborne pathogens, hazard communication and external emergency/disaster management). Our surveyors were most impressed with their comprehensive but practical nature.

Grace Greyer, RN, MSN, MA
Business Administrator
Georgetown Physical Therapy (TX) (GA)

Mary and her team have done a fantastic job of keeping us appraised of changes that are vitally important to private practice. We have come to count on SIPA to provide us with accurate information and resources and consider Business & Clinical Management Services an integral part of our external support team.

Kelly Sanders, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC
Athlon PT | Avid PT | Central Valley PT Delta PT | Ft. Lowell PT | San Luis Sports Therapy

This is wonderful help for us in a private practice. You do a great service all the time but especially now!

Cindy C.