Compliance Program Policies & Procedures:

BCMS provides fully scribed compliance policies & procedures for outpatient therapy services and third party medical billing companies.

These policies are based on federal requirements stipulated by the Department of Health & Human Services (including but not limited to:

  • CMS
  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the Office of Inspector General)
  • Department of Labor (including but not limited to: OSHA and Wage & Hour Division) and the Department of Justice (ADA)

Some policies may be based on matters that are not formally regulated but have a high-risk potential for negative outcomes if not addressed. State-specific resources are provided as they relate to Licensing Acts and Rules as well as state variances from federal law.

Provider Enrollment & Credentialing:

Our Experts have been carrying out credentialing and enrollment activities for over 18 years with great proficiency. Current services include obtaining a National Provider Identification Number (NPI), credentialing with CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) and credentialing by or enrollment into federal programs as well as most state plans.

Compliance Consulting:

BCMS has been providing practice compliance consultation since 1985. We specialize in compliance guidance and consultation for outpatient therapy providers and medical billing companies focused, primarily, on coding, billing, documentation, HIPAA , OSHA and selected Federal Labor Laws.

Workshops, Webinars Presentations & Coaching:

Our educational presentations are designed for practices, practitioners, associations and other groups. Each presentation is customized to be audience, state and/or practice-setting specific based on needs.

Off-Site Clinical & Billing Records Audits, Appeals & Consulting:

The off-site audit (OSA) service is carried out by physical therapists with extensive knowledge about Medicare payment and coverage policy which is the baseline used for its audits. These services are unique because each aberrant finding is addressed and evaluated from a compliance as well as a risk prospective.

On-Site Facility Surveys and Audits:

This service provides a comprehensive review of clinical operations from a regulatory perspective. Each component reviewed is addressed via Executive Summary Meetings and in a written Survey Report which includes, as necessary: prioritization of corrective actions and support resources for developing a Corrective Action Plan.

On Site or Remote Security Risk Analysis:

This product line focuses on HIPAA’s Security Rule requirement of conducting a security risk analysis based on required and addressable standards. A detailed report of findings and recommended action, as needed, is provided orally and in written form.

Seriously Important Practice Alerts (SIPA):

Our e-newsletter pledges to provide important information; no advertisement, no fillers and nothing that can’t be substantiated.