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Human Resources Compliance: Frequently Asked Questions

Date: April 2020
By Impact Magazine

Q: Can Physical Therapist Assistant be classified as exempt employees?
A: No, based on just a clinical position description. Physical Therapist Assistants, without additional job duties, usually do not meet the job criteria to qualify for exempt status as defined by the Department of Labor. Read More…

COVID-19 Special Issue

Date: March 2020
By Impact COVID-19 Special

COVID-19 is rapidly progressing accross the country affecting areas at varying rate and magnitudes. As a professional body, it is helpful to understand how others are managing this situation so that we can help each other prepare and manage appropriately. Read More…

Regulatory Compliance Applies to More Than Medicare

Date: October 2019
By Impact Magazine

When we talk about compliance the first thing that comes to mind is Medicare. But Medicare is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many regulations that health care providers must be aware of and comply with, so let’s just start with fundamental law: the regulation of our profession at the state level. Read More…

Compliance Officer… A Strategic Partner?

Date: April 2019
By Impact Magazine

We often look at compliance endeavors and our compliance officers as necessary evils, but what if we regard our compliance program and compliance officer as a strategic partner? Read More…