Private Practice Compliance Programs

BCMS’ initial Compliance Program was built in 2001 as an endeavor to provide outpatient facility owners with a tool to use for workforce orientation and for regulatory compliance. While a few policies are based on ‘best practices’ the majority have been written to meet state, federal or payer regulations specific to therapists and related entities. Our policies and procedures are one of a kind in that we provide the regulatory text, in user-friendly terminology, while simultaneously allowing for personalization and customization to fit the uniqueness of each practice and/or business. Clients are not left to interpret policies or regulations as we build orientation and consultation time into the price of our programs.

Our Compliance Policies & Procedures have been written to provide:

Sound content based on regulatory and risk management validated resources including but not limited to:
  • The OIG’s Guidances for Physicians and Small Group Practices
  • Medicare’s Benefit Policy, Claims Processing, Program Integrity Manuals
  • CMS’ Conditions of Participation for Rehabilitation Agencies or Conditions of Coverage for Private Practice Therapy Services
  • HIPAA/HITECH including requirements for Business Associates
  • Personnel & workforce requirements set by the Department of Labor
  • Practice Acts & Rules (state specific)
  • Standards of Professional Practice & Code of Ethics
  • American Medical Association’s CPT Coding Standards
  • OSHA’s Exposure Control Standard, Hazard Communication Standard and the General Duty Standard
  • Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division: Americans with Disabilities (ADA)
  • Department of Education’s Non-discrimination Provisions
  • Automated questionnaires to allow for user-friendly customization
  • User-friendly client resource portal for work force orientation, compliance program hosting and ongoing guidance