Off-site Audit

The off-site audit service is carried out by physical therapists with extensive knowledge about Medicare payment and coverage policy. These services are unique because each aberrant finding is addressed and evaluated from a compliance as well as a risk prospective. Additionally, score cards are documented at the therapist level. Executive Reports provide strengths and weaknesses as well as recommended action plans for high risk deficiencies, if applicable.

All audits include valuable resources and references to assist the practitioner eliminate any deficiencies. BCMS often provides ‘train the trainer’ consultation to the facilities audited so that they can carry out internal audits

It includes auditing of:

  • Patient chart revews (Typically 1 Medicare and 2 private payers per therapist)
  • Chart completion
  • Billing Status
  • Documentation completion opportunities for active patients
  • Corrective actioin as needed

BCMS Deliverables:

  • Provide an Executive Report
  • Score cards for each therapist
  • Executive call with chief auditor and BCMS President/CEO